The Kirchentag poster in front of the Brandenburg Gate


You are warmly invited to come to Berlin and Wittenberg from 24 – 28 May 2017.

The 36th German Protestant Kirchentag extends over two cities. Most of the events are held in Berlin but the biggest ceremony takes place in Wittenberg. People from all over the world will gather on 27 and 28 May 2017 on the Elbe meadows outside the gates of Wittenberg. And, while looking across the Castle Church and St Mary's City Church, they can look back on 500 years of the Reformation.

The first visitors will arrive on Saturday, and at sunset hold a 'night of lights' on the meadows with the Taizé community by the riverbank. They sleep under the open sky and welcome the sunrise with songs and prayers.

As the culmination of the Berlin Kirchentag and the Kirchentag on the Way events, everyone will join in worship at a festive service at Sunday noon, giving thanks for God's goodness and ecumenical fellowship. This will be a service that encourages us to spread the gospel in our own way - God willing!

A "Reformation picnic" will follow - with food and drink, exchange and talk, spiced with information about the host region. And that will lead into a musical climax: a concert of celebrities, with a message encouraging us to get involved - politically and socially.


You are warmly invited to join the huge festive service in Wittenberg on 28 May 2017. We are working on efficient travel arrangements between Berlin and Wittenberg. That’s why, in the course of your registration, we will ask you if and how you are planning to travel to Wittenberg.

  • By train: On Sunday, trains from Berlin to Lutherstadt Wittenberg will run every ten minutes. The shuttle train service replaces the normal trains on Sunday. You have to book your tickets for a particular train in advance on the website of the German national railway company Deutsche Bahn.
    Book your ticket now under: Tickets cost €9.50 per journey and €19 for the round trip.
  • By coach: If you plan to bring your group to Wittenberg by coach, you will have enough space for parking. After attending the festive service, you can immediately start the journey to your home destination. Please register your coach and book a parking ticket in advance under (only in German). The parking permit costs €20 per coach.
    If you are not able to register on the German form, please contact the organization team of the reformation jubilee via email under or by phone +49 3491 6434 700.

Before and after

The festive service on 28 May is embedded in a Festive Weekend which offers plenty of occasions to celebrate, contemplate and meet. Everyone is invited to come to Wittenberg on Saturday and sleep under the stars on the festive meadows. Those who don't want to leave after the festive service are invited to stay and to continue celebrating together with people from Wittenberg and from all over the world.

The current timetable

Saturday evening, 27 May 2017

‘Night of lights’ with the Taizé community.

Sleep under the stars

Sunday, 28 May 2017

05.19 Experience the sunrise together

10.00 Festive Service pre-programme: interviews, music to listen and songs to sing along to

12.00 "Face to face": festive service and celebratory communion

13.30 Speeches and greetings

14.00 Post-programme to the festive service

15.00 Reformation picnic on the festive meadow

17.00 Concert