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The safety of all participants and of everyone involved is one of the most important goals in the preparation and execution of a Kirchentag event. With more than 100,000 visitors, in addition to event venues and accommodation all over the city, special planning is required for the use of streets and squares and to ensure that public transport runs efficiently.

Safety plan

Together with Berlin’s health and safety authorities, the Kirchentag is creating a comprehensive safety plan for all its events and meetings. The Kirchentag office has been working closely with these authorities on several issues since early 2016 to prepare for the upcoming Kirchentag. The safety plan is constantly being updated to the current state of affairs.

Examples of safety measures in the preparation of a Kirchentag

  • Planning the deployment of security guards and stewards
  • Making sure adequate escape and emergency routes are provided
  • Preventive fire safety measures
  • Preventing venue overflow by using suitable methods of crowd control
  • Preparation for extreme weather conditions
  • Meeting all food hygiene regulations
  • Coordinating the attendance of protected persons
  • The risks of criminal acts or possible attacks are also closely assessed with the security authorities, and safety measures are taken

How you can contribute to a peaceful and joyful Kirchentag

  • Follow the stewards’ instructions
  • Show understanding if safety measures lead to delays
  • Leave enough time to get to and get into events you wish to attend
  • Deposit large pieces of luggage at the Kirchentag’s left-luggage offices. Hand bags and small backpacks are allowed in the event area, but you can speed up and simplify possible checks by not bringing them
  • Watch your luggage and don’t leave it unattended
  • Remember to leave your penknife at home
  • Wear your valuables close to your body
  • Be alert and take care of the people around you
  • Follow us on Twitter and Facebook. During the Kirchentag, we will use these channels to broadcast important information

We will update this page to inform you about concrete safety measures in time, e.g. which bags and items can be brought into the event area.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.