What is "My Kirchentag"?

"My Kirchentag" is our special service to you, allowing you to stay on top of all things Kirchentag.

What is the advantage of signing up for a "My Kirchentag" account?

After creating a “My Kirchentag” account you can register yourself as well as your group as participants. "My Kirchentag" allows you to enter your own details, as well as your group's, in the most convenient way. You can save and edit or change your information as much as you like before finally submitting your completed registration.

Starting in spring 2017, you can use "My Kirchentag" to put together your own, personalised Kirchentag programme via our programme database. You can access this programme wherever you log on to "My Kirchentag" or in the Kirchentag app. You can also download it and store it in your digital calendar. Please note that both programme database and app are in German.

This is how it works:

Sign up with "My Kirchentag" by entering your e-mail address, contact details and choosing a password.

An e-mail containing a confirmation link will then be sent to you. In order to verify your account information and complete the process of creating your "My Kirchentag" account, please click on the link. Only then will you be able to begin your registration.

Did you forget your password?

This page will help. Enter your e-mail address and we will send you an e-mail that contains both your username and a link that will help you reset your password.

Did you forget your username?

When you enter your e-mail address to request a new password, the e-mail we send you will also contain your username.