Worship Services.

Kirchentag has proven to be a pleasant and exciting site of experimentation, leaving room for all to discover and develop their interests and beliefs. Kirchentag provides you with the opportunity to experience many diverse forms of services of worship. Services target different groups, cultures, political beliefs, pastoral situations and much more.

We are searching for people who are interested in offering new and alternative forms of worship services during Kirchentag. Those who have planned a unique and inventive service to share with congregations and the wider community are also welcome. Those interested in sharing and discussing their service with others attending Kirchentag are also invited to participate. All services should tie in with the Kirchentag's central themes or bible texts.

When planning your service, please take the following conditions of Kirchentag into consideration: Your group will have little time to get accustomed to the venue where your service will take place. Many events take place back to back in the same venue, leaving limited time for set up and rehearsal.