The Market of Opportunities offers your initiative, group or organisation the chance to creatively present their work. If your group is in pursuit of a certain objective, wishes to implement a specific project or has ideas regarding ways our church, country and world can change, then the Market of Opportunities is the perfect location to present yourselves. Here you will have the opportunity to share your project, objectives and ideas at the same time as connecting with others.

The Market of Opportunities is one of Germany´s largest events for communication between civil societal groups and initiatives. No matter whether you are of religious or sociopolitical background, active as a volunteer or employee, all are invited to present and discuss at the Market of Opportunities.

Through the workshop formats MarktPlatz and MarktThema vistors can learn more about your project. MarktPlatz workshops take place on a stage in the middle of the Market of Opportunities, giving you the chance to present detailed information regarding to your project. MarktThema workshops are held in private rooms, where you can lead interested participants in discussing different concepts of your project.

At the Market of Opportunities all are welcome to openly present their views and perspectives, without fear of criticism or dispute.

The Market of Opportunities