Church Music Concerts.

Musical performances and concerts are crucial contributions to the Kirchentag programme. While Kirchentag strives to offer a variety of diverse performances, classical, contemporary and experimental concerts have and always will be a popular musical component of Kirchentag. Inventive projects catch the attention of Kirchentag participants, inspiring many to try out new concert forms with their own church congregations.

Together with your ensemble or group, you can be a part of the Kirchentag programme in Dortmund. Apply to perform and give Kirchentag guests the opportunity to participate in and experience your unique performance.

When planning for your concert, please take the following conditions of Kirchentag into consideration. The concerts will take place in churches throughout Dortmund. Your group will have little time to get accustomed to the venue where your performance will take place. Many events take place back to back in the same venue, leaving limited time for set up and rehearsal.