Brass Bands and Choirs.

Dortmund will be alive with the sound of music! In 2019 you can help to liven up the city through your own love of music - by playing in your brass band or singing in your choir. This will be going on all over the place: in the town centre, in the open air, or accompanying events. Whether you are a tenor or an alto, a tuba or a horn player, you bring the Kirchentag to life with your music and give inspiration to the participants. We have already made provision for including you as participants in the Kirchentag programme, so that you will help to make the city resound with your musical contribution. By performing in social welfare establishments such as hospitals or retirement homes you can give a special gift through your music to people who are not able to take an active part in the Kirchentag programme. In addition you have the opportunity to provide musical accompaniment for one of the thematic events, for a service of worship, for a Bible study or for community singing using the Kirchentag song book. The Kirchentag looks forward to your contribution!


Kirchentag is dependent on contributors to make it happen. All participants can make an active contribution to the Kirchentag when they commit themselves to getting involved in the total Kirchentag programme. After your preliminary registration, every member of the group will be offered a contributor’s admission pass at EUR 26 per person (not including travel pass). In comparison to the full cost of a Kirchentag admission pass (EUR 98) this represents a considerable discount and grants admission to all the Kirchentag events. A travel pass covering public transport throughout Dortmund can also be ordered at the time of registration at an expected additional cost of EUR 8.